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    » Current 'Trees related projects:

    And Also The Trees - 2007

    And Also The Trees new album is called Born into the waves and was released March 18th, 2016.

    The releases before had been Hunter not the Hunted (2012), Drifitwood (2011) and When The Rains Come (2009).

    And Also The Trees' music is now also available via (Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man on iTunes and amazon mp3 Germany and amazon mp3 France.

    The first ever AATT live DVD had been released August 2006 and can be ordered here. The DVD features the Geneva concert of the FFTT tour 2003 and three short films.

    » Other Projects:

    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods had been released on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, Julia Kent a.o.)

    Steven Burrows currently is working on a solo project (called 'Black River') and will be featured as guest musician on the upcoming Dark Orange album as also Emer will be.

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  August 30, 2012

    » Sommer Hunters ...

    And Also The Trees added Munich to the Summer Live Tour and will play following shows in September:

    04/09 - ZÜRICH - Viaduct
    05/09 - MARTIGNY - Caves du manoir
    06/09 - GENEVA - i'Usine
    07/09 - MUNICH - Garage Deluxe
    08/09 - FRANKFURT - Das Bett (with Sieben)

    The Show in Frankfurt will be supported by the excellent Matt Howden alias "Sieben"

    Please share live experiences and your personal concert impressions of these shows in the comments.

    Photos from Frankfurt (Thanks as always Luc!)



    Anonymous Sebastien said...
    » Hey there,
    the documentary about And also the Trees in Dijon in april 2012 is out, and is free... (of course) :
    Hope you'll enjoy it.
    24 July, 2012 13:13   
    Blogger *frank said...
    » Hi guys...! Anyone been to the Rock la Roca Festival ??
    29 July, 2012 17:22   
    Anonymous Christian said...
    » Here are the songs the guys performed at the Rock la Roca festival, 28.7.2012. They played at 15:00 - and were lucky because rain came just after their stage time. Small audience but good sound (must have been the loudest gig in the last years).

    1. Domed
    2. Dialogue
    3. Only
    4. The Legend Of Mucklow
    5. Angel, Devil, Man And Beast
    6. Rive Droite
    7. Burn Down This Town
    8. A Room Lives In Lucy
    9. Virus Meadow
    29 July, 2012 20:14   
    Anonymous Silvio said...
    » Any news from Zürich Gig? Did "Floating Man" make into the setlist?
    05 September, 2012 13:44   
    Blogger bekru said...
    » here is the setlist from yesterday's gig. I hope it's correct - I just typed in the official hand-written setlist.

    Gig was great, venue was nice. A few minor sound issues but nothing scary :)

    1. What's Lost Finds
    2. Hunter Not the Hunted
    3. Shaletown
    4. Beautiful Silence
    5. The Legend of Mucklow
    6. Angel, Devil, Man and Beast
    7. Rive Droite
    8. Burn down this Town
    9. Rip Ridge
    10. Dialogue
    11. Bloodline
    12. He walked through the dew
    13. Only
    14. A room lives in Lucy
    15. Rupert
    16. Belief in the Rose
    17. Virus Meadow

    Ian seem to have enjoyed it:
    06 September, 2012 19:02   
    Blogger bekru said...
    » "yesterday's gig" was the one in Martigny obviously.

    Don't have a set list from tonight's gig in Geneva but if I'm not mistaken it was almost identical to yesterday's with one different song. And "the untangled man" made a return as the second encore.

    A totally different venue than yesterday - but a great gig like almost always.
    06 September, 2012 23:25   
    Anonymous Michael said...
    » Hi, Frankfurt was again a very fine gig. Shantell and Untangled Man (as encore) were on the set list. Prince Rupert was fantastic (as usual).
    In the end the final remark of Simon was that it will take a while for AATT being back. In this moment they said goodbye with Virus Meadow.
    Anyone any information about this??
    09 September, 2012 10:18   
    Anonymous crowley said...
    » Post the full setlists, please!
    09 September, 2012 21:23   
    Anonymous Achim said...
    » Frankfurt, Das Bett, 8 September 2012:

    01 What's Lost Finds
    02 Hunter Not the Hunted
    03 Shaletown
    04 Angel, Devil, Man and Beast
    05 Shantell
    06 The Legend of Mucklow
    07 Burn Down This Town
    08 Rive Droite
    09 He Walked Through the Dew
    10 Dialogue
    11 Rip Ridge
    12 Bloodline
    13 Only
    14 A Room Lives in Lucy

    15 Prince Rupert
    16 Belief in the Rose
    17 The Untangled Man

    18 Virus Meadow
    09 September, 2012 21:44   
    Blogger José Suarez said...
    » Hi Michael. I'm reading "Juliet, Naked" by Nick Hornby and your question made me smile. So ? What is the meaning of Simon last adress on the Frankfurt gig ?

    A. They are upset of eating frankfurter sausages
    B. Frankfurt will be destroyed the 21th december 2012, as the rest of the world
    C. They've been very busy since 2007 : three albums, a lot of touring, maybe they need some rest for they other jobs or their families. Remember that between 1998 and 2003 no AATT album was realised !
    D. They quit !
    10 September, 2012 10:35   
    Blogger Neil Horabin said...
    » ok you completists...

    Zurich Set List

    1 what's lost finds
    2 beautiful silence
    3 shaletown
    4 hunter, not the hunted
    5 angel, devil, man and beast
    6 the legend of mucklow
    7 burn down this town
    8 rive droit
    9 the woman on the estuary
    10 dialogue
    11 bloodline
    12 he walked through the dew
    13 only
    14 a room lives in lucy

    15 prince rupert
    16 belief in the rose
    17 virus meadow


    1 what's lost finds
    2 hunter, not the hunted
    3 shaletown
    4 beautiful silence
    5 angel, devil, man and beast
    6 the legend of mucklow
    7 burn down this town
    8 rive droit
    9 he walked through the dew
    10 dialogue
    11 rip ridge
    12 bloodline
    13 only
    14 a room lives in lucy

    15 prince rupert
    16 belief in the rose
    17 virus meadow

    18 the untangled man


    1 what's lost finds
    2 hunter, not the hunted
    3 shaletown
    4 angel, devil, man and beast
    5 a room lives in lucy
    6 burn down this town
    7 rive droit
    8 he walked through the dew
    9 rip ridge
    10 shantell
    11 only
    12 dialogue
    13 the untangled man

    14 virus meadow

    and to answer jose's speculations; a. they all prefer the nuremberger to the frankfurter sausage. c. fair point, well made. b.& d. are completely rubbish!!
    Simon's 'farewell' comment... he was just saying that they have no more gigs this year, don't doubt that they will return in 2013.

    love to all and thanks for everyone who came to the gigs, you help make it a very wonderful tour.

    10 September, 2012 12:38   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » http://www.pilmeyer.com/images/aatt15e.html PHOTOS - Frankfurt (D) Sept. 8, 2012
    12 September, 2012 01:03   


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