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    And Also The Trees - 2007

    And Also The Trees new album is called Born into the waves and was released March 18th, 2016.

    The releases before had been Hunter not the Hunted (2012), Drifitwood (2011) and When The Rains Come (2009).

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    November, Simon's collaboration with Bernard Trontin of The Young Gods had been released on the swiss label Shayo Records (Martyn Bates, Sally Doherty, Julia Kent a.o.)

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  October 28, 2009


    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » geat show in Caen, good sound and lights. may be 100 fans for an amazing experience with the band. It was my best concert (and experience) with AATT since ...the last show !Thank you very much the trees.
    to be continued...in Bordeaux for me
    30 October, 2009 10:02   
    Anonymous Achim said...
    » Caen, Big Band Café, 28 October 2009:

    01 Shantell
    02 Candace
    03 The Suffering of the Stream
    04 Stay Away from the Accordion Girl
    05 There Was a Man of Double Deed
    06 Fighting in a Lighthouse
    07 Dialogue
    08 The Street Organ
    09 Jacob Fleet
    10 The Cyclone
    11 Belief in the Rose
    12 Mermen of the Lea
    13 A Room Lives in Lucy
    14 The Untangled Man

    15 Vincent Craine
    16 The Secret Sea
    17 Mary of the Woods
    18 Wallpaper Dying

    19 Virus Meadow
    30 October, 2009 20:58   
    Anonymous Charlie said...
    » Paris, Café de la Danse 30th October 2009

    01 Shantell
    02 Candace
    03 The Suffering Of The Stream
    04 Stay Away From The Accordion Girl
    05 There Was A Man Of Double Deed
    06 Fighting In A Lighthouse
    07 Dialogue
    08 The Street Organ
    09 Jacob Fleet
    10 Mary Of The Woods
    11 The Cyclone
    12 Belief In The Rose
    13 Mermen Of The Lea
    14 A Room Lives In Lucy
    15 Untlangled Man

    16 Vincent Craine
    17 The Secret Sea
    18 Feeling Fine
    19 Wallpaper Dying

    20 When The Rains Come
    21 Virus Meadow

    Really nice performance. I miss them already...
    31 October, 2009 12:44   
    Anonymous LN said...
    » Excellent show yesterday, as always. I shed some tears on "The suffering of the stream", the new version was so intense...

    Here are my photos : http://picasaweb.google.fr/meuh1246/AndAlsoTheTreesParis301009CafeDeLaDanse#
    31 October, 2009 15:58   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » The concert in Strasbourg yesterday was superb! It took place in an art gallery -a former glassware shop transformed into art center- a nice place in Art Nouveau style with pillars of steel and old wooden floor: it connected well with the acoustic theme.An audience of 80 (?) cool and careful(people sat on the floor).
    I'm quiet sure te setlist was the same as in Caen. The Trees were very good,i've seen them several times in the past years and i can't tire myself out to see them live : delicacy, musicality,theatrical drama,tension ,beauty... And now they bring something new with the acoustic sound, the different and surprising versions, the backing vocals and they're doing it so well!
    Mary of the woods, suffering of the stream are real diamonds. Wallpaper dying in acoustic is awesome!
    01 November, 2009 12:42   
    Anonymous Frédéric Tison said...
    » Un autre regard, par un admirateur de longue date. Les quelques notations ironiques du billet ne sont pas à prendre au pied de la lettre... Bien à vous.
    01 November, 2009 19:23   
    Anonymous Man of double deed said...
    » Unforgettable show in Paris, 30th October 2009, with a lot of songs not included in the official release of "When the Rain Come" such as "Belief In the Rose" (beautiful song from "Farewell to the Shade" that I heard live for the first time in the shows I've seen), "The Cyclone" (good version with Justin and Ian on backing vocals) and "The Secret Sea" (presented as the only pop song released in the whole story of the band). I flied in France from Italy for this show... four days in a wonderful Paris (included the Halloween night), quite nice weather, and a very good show of AATT. What could I ask more?
    02 November, 2009 10:43   
    Anonymous Man of double deed said...
    » Sorry, in the last post I forgot to write my Url. Here it is:

    02 November, 2009 11:09   
    Anonymous Luc P. said...
    » Colmar - Museum of Toys. back to childhood with this venue... and I totally agree with Simon-Huw: it was a very good gig.... A magical moment.... Powerful and inspired as always... but with something else "more" than previous acoustic gigs I've seen Thanks to Justin-Jo, Simon-Huw, eEza and Emer!!!
    03 November, 2009 00:54   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » I agree with Luc : amazing evening with the trees last sunday in Colmar.Wonderful and surprising concert place ,warm & enthousiastic audience and of course a great band! And Also The Trees did radiate something strong and beautiful. We got the chance to hear "the way the land lies" wich i believe was very rarely played before. Thanks very much A.A.T.T for this moment to remember.
    03 November, 2009 12:40   
    Blogger * fml said...
    » The museum in Colmar was such a "playground" the band nearly forget about doing the soundcheck ... well they did not, but Ian definitely felt at home with all that plane and car model types he recocknized from memory ,-)

    Another memorable moment from the performance to add was Simon entering the stairs up to the gallery performing The Street Organ.
    Great Concert in Colmar indeed with beautiful new arrangements of "Sectret Sea", "Wallpaper dying" which Justin and Simon did sing as duet!! And with "The way the land lies" as a really welcome surprise as well.
    03 November, 2009 18:45   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » "All the market litter flies..." (Simple Tom and the Ghsot of Jenny Bailey, 1988) : Marseille is stinking ! And thanks we're not in summer. The garbage collectors are on strike since last tuesday. Anyway, as Simon said in french, "c'est bien d'être ici à Marseille, finalement". The venue, le Poste à Galène, is purely an underground rock club, with black and red decoration, no seats, no art centre, no toy museum....back to the basis ! And my first impression is : it's sounds like it would be done with electricity. But better !
    Seeing the Trees so close, so open to their public is a great source of pleasure. The music preveals from any king of effect...Of course, the mood is not suitable for some AATT's classics like "Slow Pulse Boy" or "Brother Fear" which would need (but I'm sure it would sound great just with guitar, bouble-bass and voice) electricity, but...what an awesome set ! Precise, intense, generous...They all seem to take pleasure on stage, Justin trying to prevent smiling sometimes , as the audience who is cheering, applausing, shouting for a third "encore" that will not come. "Mary of the Woods" is dedicaced to Justin's wife (or girlfriend ?) who is selling trademark products and who is managing AATT's Twitter site. The ambient is very good, before and after the show, with Simon, Justin, Ian and Emer walking in the club, meeting the crowd, paying attention to everyone and always smiling....always smiling !!! This was maybe one of the souternest concert they ever did, but it was a great one !

    P.S. : Nothing special for the set list, the first part is always the same since Caen, then for the first"encore" they played "Vincent Crane", "Feeling Fine", "Mary Of The Woods" and "Wallpaper Dying", ending with the classical "Virus Meadow".
    04 November, 2009 15:08   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » Hello over there ! Is there nobody to make a sum up of Toulouse and Bordeaux sets ? You lazy guys and girls !!!
    05 November, 2009 22:05   
    Anonymous Charlie said...
    » Toulouse, Chapelle des Carmélites 04 November 2009

    01 Shantell
    02 Candace
    03 The Suffering Of The Stream
    04 Stay Away From The Accordion Girl
    05 There Was A man Of Double Deed
    06 Fighting In A Lighthouse
    07 Dialogue
    08 The Street Organ
    09 Jacob Fleet
    10 The Cyclone
    11 Belief In The Rose
    12 Mermen Of The Lea
    13 A Room Lives in Lucy
    14 The Untangled Man

    15 Vincent Craine
    16 Mary Of The Woods
    17 The Dust Sailor
    18 Virus Meadow

    19 When The Rains Come
    20 Wallpaper Dying

    A review + photos (just found this link) : http://www.obskure.com/fr/reportconcert.php?id=119
    10 November, 2009 13:27   
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    » Apparently, if we follow Richard's impression, Toulouse was a little bit decieving. Maybe they suffered from the weight of the "decorum" and the unbelievable presence of seats. Seats on a AATT gig ! How can you dance on seats ? How can you shout, clap hands ? The more I go to the Trees gigs, the more I think that they got two kind of public, the purist who see a Trees concert as a religious ceremony and those who are listenig to the Trees for music and who are not trapped in closed attitudes. For me, in Marseille, the Trees were very "festive", and that's how I like them.
    10 November, 2009 19:50   
    Anonymous Lepel said...
    » After a fantastic evening at Cafe de la Danse in Paris, i have had a great opportunity to see once again AATT in Nantes. As a good fortune, i met and spoke again with Kirsten and Simon who made a walk in the uncrowded streets before the concert. Indeed The Olympic is a small and intimate place close to the Loire river. There was around 100 Briton there. The band seemed to be hardly confortable with this atmosphere. I will not forget this special concert like all the other ones i have already seen.

    The setlist was similar to the one in Toulouse:

    01 Shantell
    02 Candace
    03 Suffering of the Stream
    04 Accordion Girl
    05 Double Deed
    06 Fightin in a Lighthouse
    07 Dialogue
    08 St Organ
    09 Jacob Fleet
    10 Cyclone
    11 Belief in a Rose
    12 Mermen of the Lea
    13 Lucy
    14 Untangled Man

    15 Vincent Craine
    16 Mary of the Woods
    17 Dust Sailor
    18 Virus Meadow

    19 When the rains come
    20 Wallpaper Dying

    Many thanks again to AATT
    11 November, 2009 01:01   


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